Replacing the cartridge

Replace the cartridge if the malfunction message "Empty" appears.

For pump type 402B, replace the battery at the same time.

Danger from spring tension

The covering contains a spring with tension. The covering jumps up when opened. This can lead to minor injuries!

Make sure that no extremities are in the danger area. Carefully remove the covering.

Residual amounts in empty cartridges

Empty cartridges contain lubricant residues. Oils and greases are harmful to the environment!

  • Dispose of the cartridge in an environmentally friendly mannerDisposal

Use only original Güdel cartridges. Never refill the cartridges.

Replacing the cartridge


Vent locking mechanism






Retaining cover



Lubricants: Automatic lubrication system FlexxPump
Lubrication ex worksSpecificationLubrication quantity

400 cm³

Replace the cartridge as follows:

  1. Remove the vent locking mechanism in the direction of the arrow
  1. Switch off FlexxPump
  1. Remove the covering by turning in the direction of the arrow
  1. Remove empty cartridge
  1. Only pump type 402B:
    Replacing the batteryReplacing the battery 402B
  1. Remove the retaining cover from the new cartridge
  1. Lubricate the O-ring slightly
  1. Insert new cartridge (make sure the cartridge fits in properly)
  1. Put on the covering and turn hand-tight in the direction of the arrow
  1. Switch on the FlexxPumpSwitching on the FlexxPump 402/402B
  1. Insert vent locking mechanism and secure
  • The cartridge is replaced.