Error message: General

    The following causes may lead to a general error message (the list is not exhaustive):

    • counterpressure in the hydraulic lines is too high
    • destroyed electronic component on PIN 4 due to electrical overcurrent
    • internal error in the FlexxPump

    If a general error message is active, the FlexxPump issues the following signal on PIN 4:

    Switching time diagram: Error message: General information

    For blocked hydraulic lines or other errors, the FlexxPump issues a Low (+0V) signal on PIN 4 lasting more than 30 seconds. The output signal at PIN 4 is High (+20...30V) during normal operation. During an actual motor run of the FlexxPump, the signal switches to Low (+0V). Normally this takes between approx. 9 and 18 seconds, depending on the length of the hydraulic hoses and the viscosity of the lubricant. Afterwards, the signal switches back to High.

    Malfunctions / Troubleshooting




    Lubrication system does not lubricate

    The measured counterpressure was too high three times in a row. Hydraulic connections or hoses may be blocked, hoses too long, and/or lubricant too stiff/hard.
    Pump function has been stopped.

    Remove cause of the counterpressure, switch off the power supply to the FlexxPump and switch it on again. The fault is set to zero. The FlexxPump starts up again.

    Lubrication system does not lubricate

    Various causes

    • Switch off the power supply to the FlexxPump and switch it on again. This does not delete the data memory.
    • Contact the service department if the problem reoccurs